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Testimonials: Testimonials

Best gym in town Yorkshire.... No England !!!

Ed P

Great Gym, by far the best bodybuilding gym within the local area.

Brad B

Best gym in Halifax for strength and bodybuilding equipment.

Ryan L

Best old school gym in the area. Best equipment, best people. Love it

Anna O

Probably the best gym I've used for bodybuilding & fitness in 20 years

Jamie S

This place has done wonders for both my physical and mental health, especially after lockdown

Martin G

There is no other gym like it around, absolutely the best gym in Halifax

Cameron C

The boxing gym is brilliant. me and my son get to spend quality time and I can see him get better each week

Rob D

Trained at Fanatix since lockdown lifted, a true old school gym with a great atmosphere where everyone is welcome

Nathan C

Best gym in Halifax. New owner & new equipment too but still the old hardcore kit in there.

Paul C

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